About Us

Our mission is to help scholars bring their best ideas to publication, from concept through text to production.

We provide informed, efficient, and customized support for writers and researchers in higher education who are undertaking translation, writing, research, and publishing projects in North America, Europe, Asia, the UK, and the Commonwealth.

For more information, write us at info@textformations.com. We want to help you shape, refine, and manage your writing projects.

Who is TextFormations?

We are PhDs in the humanities (University of California at Berkeley, Italian Studies and History of Art) who understand the struggle scholars face on the contemporary academic publishing market and the difficulties busy professionals encounter in creating and polishing the prose with which they communicate on a daily basis. We are published scholars in the fields of Renaissance and early modern studies and have over fifteen years of professional experience in editing, translation, and project management.

Our clients rely on us for tailored and sophisticated editing, translation, manuscript preparation, communications, and project management services.

Lisa Regan, PhD


My PhD is from the University of California, Berkeley in History of Art, with a specialization in the Italian Renaissance. I work with individual academics and with corporate clients on thematization and articulation of complex ideas for a range of audiences, from scholars to the broader public. In all of my work, I am interested in helping people articulate the ideas to which they are committed, and in sculpting their language for maximum impact on their chosen audience.

I have worked for a decade as a developmental editor of academic texts, helping authors to frame the themes and stakes of their work, and to create the organizational structures that undergird strong argument. I have edited a broad spectrum of scholarly writing, from book reviews and conference papers to book-length projects, in a variety of subject areas ranging from architecture and urban planning to medieval manuscripts.
As a writer for web, I shape the messaging of organizations across the full breadth of their communications needs, including the creation of site copy, taglines, blog posts, newsletters. I also work as a ghostwriter for executives and influencers.



Amyrose McCue Gill, PhD


I hold a PhD in Italian Studies from the University of California at Berkeley with specializations in Renaissance literature, early modern history, and women and gender studies. I have been a translator, editor, and project manager for over a decade, and handle projects in English, Italian, French, and Spanish.

My work in North America and Europe is dedicated to helping articulate and bring out the voices of my clients, which include a wide range of organizations and individuals worldwide. I write copy that reflects distinctive individual and corporate languages; I edit and copyedit text that requires detail-oriented restructuring, rephrasing, and reformatting; I provide trusted, lucid translations that preserve tone while prioritizing meaning; I teach others to find their unique voices through critical thinking, persuasive writing, and original research.

Our Work

Scholarly projects we have written, edited, translated, and managed have appeared in

  • publications by:
    • Cambridge University Press
    • Yale University Press
    • Oxford University Press
    • Stanford University Press
    • University of Toronto Press
    • Palgrave Macmillan
    • Brepols
    • Brill
    • Leo S. Olschki
    • Routledge
    • Hackett
    • Iter: Gateway to the Middle Ages and Renaissance
    • Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies
    • Center for Reformation and Renaissance Studies
    • Deutsch Harmonia Mundi
  • peer-reviewed journals, including:
    • The Art Bulletin
    • Representations
    • Artibus et historiae
    • California Italian Studies
    • Journal of Historians of Netherlandish Art
    • Quaderni d’Italianistica
    • Renaissance Quarterly
    • Zeitschrift für Kunstgeschichte
    • Zeitschrift für Medien- und Kulturforschung
    • Seminar
    • Recercare
  • conferences worldwide, including:
    • College Art Association
    • Modern Language Association
    • Renaissance Society of America
    • Sixteenth Century Society
    • Tedx
    • American Association for Italian Studies
    • California Interdisciplinary Consortium of Italian Studies
    • Canadian Society for Renaissance Studies/Société Canadienne d’Études de la Renaissance

Organizations and corporations for whom we have provided a wide range of communications and consulting support include:

  • 99designs (writing: blog posts, ghostwriting)
  • New Media Ventures (writing)
  • Colorful Universe Children’s Performing Arts Troupe (writing: correspondence and marketing materials; editing; curriculum design)
  • Green Isle Consulting, Inc. (writing, curriculum design, project management)
  • Lean Startup Conference (writing: marketing materials, interviews, blog posts)
  • Purcell Communications (reporting)
  • RealAffinity, Inc. (project management)
  • Renaissance and Reformation / Renaissance et Réforme Journal (writing, editing, translation, and consulting)
During my years as Editor of Renaissance and Reformation / Renaissance et Réforme, I have consistently turned to Amyrose for help in managing special projects, including everything from the large-scale complexities of grant applications and substantial special issues of the journal, to the details and nuances of style guides, contracts, and policies. Throughout she has consistently demonstrated a solid understanding of the academy, a thoughtful and imaginative response to challenges, and an admirable ability to engage professionals through collegial, clear, and succinct communications. I heartily recommend Amyrose and the new partnership.
— Professor William R. Bowen, Chair of the Department of Arts, Culture and Media, University of Toronto Scarborough.